May 7, 2013

Its My Birthday

ITS MY BIRTHDAY! So I hope everyone is having a good day so far.  So three months ago i was just shopping around when i saw this dress; initially i loved it but i wasnt so sure about buying it because it was pretty short and it had side cut outs, which im not really use to wearing. But my cousin insisted that i should get it, and so i decided that i would buy it and wear it for my Birthday week. It is such a pretty dress but ill be honest, i did feel uncomfortable wearing it only for the fact that it was pretty short on the bottom. When i think of this Dress, i think of tea parties and such... so i decided to got to Extraordinary Desserts with two of my best friends then had a photo shoot after. Im not much for wearing bright colors since everyone knows i love wearing dark colors. But i am really trying to get out of my comfort zone lately. Florals, pastel colors, and bright colors..Oh My! haha my goal when i go shopping is to stay away from buy black shirts and dresses. Challenge Accepted! 

Dress: From a little shop
Belt: Mango
Shoes: Lauren Conrad
Necklace: Forever21