Oct 29, 2013

Hide It With a Smile

This year is going by way too fast. Two more months until December. Fall is definitely my favorite season. It is when i go crazy for all the fall outfits and all the boots that are all out. I love layering but with that being said, i am still trying to find my true style. I have yet to really be creative with putting my outfits together. This fall season is also a time for heartbreak and finding myself. Their is always a season for everything, and i will be transparent with you guys, this is my season of hurt, pain, sadness, and having a broken heart. But this is also a season to find my inner strength and a season for me to find who i really am. Im sure i am not the only one who is still trying to find themselves. No matter what stand still within the storms you are facing and trust God in your circumstance.

Boots: Vince Camuto
Top: I Heart Ronson
Pants: Free People