Apr 30, 2013

Hi everyone! Omg i havent been on my own blog in forever. So i have to admit, lately ive been kind of discouraged with lookbook and blogging, i dont know...dont really feel like im going anywhere with it.  But then i realized that i do lookbook and blogging because i love it and not because if i get a lot of hypes or not. Anyways i am really into Peplum Tops lately, all i have been buying every time i go to the mall are peplum tops. I think i will forever be a fall/winter tip of girl, i could really care less for summer clothes; with that being said, i will always be looking or buying jackets year round lol. Anyways i hope you guys have a good day, God Bless!

Top: Forever21
Pants: Levis
Shoes: BCBG
Jacket: H&M

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