Jan 2, 2013

Happy New Year

                                                                                                       Top:  Forever21
                                                                                                        Belt: Mango
                                                                                                       Shoes: Zara

I still can't believe how fast 2012 went by, i dont really know what it is but i really miss December already. 2012 was not all that great for me considering i went though a lot of up and downs, but i still thank God for always giving me the strength to continue to move forward everyday. Now that is January 2013, i really dont want to make a new years resolution on getting healthy again that only lasts for 3 months...my main resolution is to start getting my main priorities in line and becoming more productive in my daily devotional time with God. I really dont know what this year holds for me, all i know is that i need to continue to trust God. Tomorrow is never promised, we need to start making every day count. On another note, i have been getting into belts lately, preferably Mango and Zara's belts. I mostly stick to black outfits and very attracted to all things studs and spiked jewelry, i guess you can say its becoming an addiction. When it comes to Fall and Winter seasons i really love investing my money into boots, jackets, and of course jewelry. If you're reading this, i wonder what you're mostly attracted into buying when it comes to the cold season. Anyways i hope everyone has a good and safe week!


Rowdy! said...

a complete, beautiful outfit!

Milex said...

I think I love you