Jan 3, 2013

Jacket: Forever21
Pants: H&M
Top: Rock & Republic

AS ive said in my previous blog, i love all things with studs. I dont really know what to call my sense of style, considering i dress according to my mood, but i would like to say my style would be edgy and sophisticated. As of right now, this jacket has to be one of my favorite pieces, yah even if its from Forever21; i love the way it looks and especially the studs on both shoulders. I dont know if you noticed but before this shoot, i was eating one of those cupcakes with a ring displayed on top and i guess i totally forgot to take it off for the pictures haha, oh well...maybe ill make a new trend, called "The cupcake ring jewelry" haha sike! Anyways thats all for now, im excited to go to Big Bear tomorrow and be around snow. For a Cali girl like me, its rare to see snow, especially that i live in San Diego. Anyways i hope your Wednesday has been amazing, good night everyone <3 p="p">

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