Feb 1, 2013

I have been waiting patiently to post about this brand, and finally! the time has come. So my friend Clarisse has started her own line called 4th & 1  which gives such a beautiful twists on shirts made to wear for university games or to represent their school. The shirt i wore came with their logo, but can be easily altered and changed to fit anyones logo. Going through the site which you can check out on this link  4th & 1 Apparel they have so many beautiful styled shirts, what i love the most about their apparel is the way the back of the shirts are designed. Also the shirts have a very soft texture to it and is very light weight. Their company is targeting schools and universities, but to me these shirts can also be bought and styled for a regular basis. Once again please support 4th &1 on their facebook page here 4th & 1 and their website here 4th and 1.

On another note i had a blast with this photoshoot. Its probably my best photo session yet, i hope you guys like it and please give 4th-1 some love, God bless



마리 said...

you are very beautiful! and your outfits are wonderful ).
followback? )

JezareelB said...

aww thank you <3