Feb 1, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

So lately i have been really putting effort in trying to get this blog going. Recently i have finally found someone who can take pictures of my looks and that would be my best friend Kapri. If you look down on my last post, she is that pretty girl on the right side of me. So today i pretty much spent my whole day fixing this blog haha, aint gonna lie when your new on blogspot everything is kind of confusing, so yah i was frustrated for pretty much the whole day today. It even got to the point where i almost gave up and pretty much was going to pay someone to fix my site. But anyways yes! i hope my site looks presentable. 

So recently i have been trying to step out of my bubble and trying to mix and match different textures of my outfits. Im not going to lie, i still need a little practice with mixing different patterns and textures together but im getting the hang of it. So with this outfit i paired this black and blue patterned blouse with a knitted vest and balanced it off with a skinny belt. For my pants, because it was to long i tucked inwards and paired it off with ankle boots. To me i think shoes make or break an outfit, they can either make an old outfit look new and sophisticated or can pretty much kill the style. Anyways i cant wait to sleep...so exhausted from all the confusion of fixing this blog and uploading and editing pictures, i hope everyone has a good night and God Bless 

Shoes: Zara
Top: IHeartRobinson
Knitted Vest: Forever21

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