Feb 19, 2013

The Reason I Stay

So this Monday my cousin and i decided to go on an adventure and our first stop was Julian, for their famous apple pies. For the record if you are ever down in San Diego, you need to go visit the little town of Julian. I swear im an outdoors girl at heart. I do love fashion and makeup, but i also love hiking, camping, and road trips. This outfit that i am wearing is my usual type of outfit i wear. I do love wearing heels and sophisticated outfits, but i also love casual clothes. Haha i guess this outfit would be considered my "i dont give a crap" look. 

So this week the song i've been stuck on the song by Justine Bieber- Love Me Like You Do

For you who do not know me i use to dance, so this choreography by  Nick DeMoura really inspired me. Plus i love guys who can dance like this ;)


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