Feb 10, 2014

Let It Fall

Quote of the day:  "What worries you masters you" _anonymous

I find that quote to be so true, mainly because everything that is worrying me in my life has such a grasp on my life. I find myself wrapping my day on worrying that i lose track of time. Worrying does not get us anymore but waste time. Whatever you might be worrying about or struggling with, let it go. I am learning to rely and trust God. Instead of worrying i am learning to breathe and do what i can do and leave the rest to God.

On another note, i really love this outfit. I definitely can see the way that i dress is evolving. I find myself going towards more simple outfits and accessorizing my look. Accessories at least for me, are my best friends haha. A simple scarf or even a necklace can definitely alter an outfit. Accessories can give you that ability to dress up an outfit or dress it down. So i challenge you to play around with different types of accessories; whether that be  jewelry, gloves, hat, or a scarf.This look was all about the scarf and shoes. I have fallen in love with big huge scarfs for three reasons...they pull an outfit together if your outfit is too simple, they keep me warm, and they are stylish.

Scarf: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Calvin Klein 
Jacket: Forever21
Belt: H&M


Hadrien Leite said...

Nice outfit :)
Super cool pics
You're awesome!!!


Jezareel Barcelon said...

Thank you, you are too kind =)