Jan 20, 2013

Amongst These Colors

Boots: Jessica Simpson brand from Macys
Scarf: Forever21

I had an amazing day today hanging out with one of my best friends. For todays outfit i really wanted to stay on the neutral side with mostly earth tone colors, which was mostly brown. Recently i have been getting into leopard prints, so i decided to throw in this scarf. I rarely go thrift shopping so my friend Kapri decided to bring me to this really cool thrift store. I love how the the whole building was covered in graffiti art and how colorful it was, it definitely got my inspired. In the store it gave off such a cool hipster vibe that i was determined to purchase something and make it my own. I ended up getting three items from this place and i am very excited to wear them and show them off, ill post pictures soon =)


Milex said...

well done!

Kri said...

you girls are absolutely gorgeous!